CH X-Pert Glamorous Goldie CGC

CH Major Jiggs Of Presque Isle

CH Uppies X-Pert Biff's Shadow

CH Tacoma Jack's Susie

Tacoma Jack's Replica 4xW

Al Brown with Brown's Tacoma Jack

X-Pert Black Susie

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In 1968 X-Pert Red Midge was bred to X-Pert Champer Boy II to produce Ch.X-Pert Glamorous Goldie and X-Pert Blue Boy.

X-Pert Blue Boy

Here is their pedigree.

 X-Pert Champer Boy II  CH X-Pert Brindle Biff  X-Pert Black Ace II
 CH X-Pert Gallant Betty
 Lloyd's Dappy Girl  CH Gallant's Ruff
 Ruffian Corvette Of Har-Wyn
 X-Pert Red Midge  X-Pert Red Rascal  Jaque Duke
 CH Jone's Gay One Roxie
 CH X-Pert Gallant Lady  CH X-Pert Brindle Biff
 Lloyd's Dappy Girl

Ch.X-Pert Deep Onyx, a very tightbred X-Pert bitch was bred to Ch.Major Jiggs Of Presque Isle, who was mostly Barbara Books bloods. Jiggs' pedigree was very similar to Jone's Gay One Roxie's. Ch.X-Pert Deep Onyx produced mostly Biff's type dogs from breeding to Jiggs. 3 magnificient dogs were born there, Ch.Uppies X-Pert Biff's Shadow, Ch.Uppies X-Pert Senator Bud, Ch.Uppies X-Pert Miss Muffet. 

Biff's Shadow was owned by Uplinger's and was bred several times. Here is the pedigree.

 CH Major Jiggs Of Presque Isle  CH Golden Mugsie  CH Timothy C Of High Austin
 CH Pinellas
 CH Barbara's Beauette  The Tiger Of Cleveland
 CH Miss Mugwump
 CH X-Pert Deep Onyx  CH X-Pert Brindle Biff  X-Pert Black Ace II
 CH X-Pert Gallant Betty
 CH X-Pert Topsy II  CH X-Pert Buddy Of Louisville
 INT CH Topsy's Ghost

With these outcrossed combinations of Red Rascal and Gallant Lady Clifford found out that he bagan to lose one of old types of the X-Pert line, type of X-Pert Black Jack, Nigger and Shine. His decision was - add black Tacoma bloods to reappear old type. Clifford purchased black Tacoma puppy in 1966. She was named X-Pert Black Susie, she was pure Doyle's Tacoma. Doyle's Tacoma line was built on Brown's Tacoma Jack, Feeley and Clark's bloods. Charles Doyle obtained 2 pups from Al Brown or Grey Wolf as dogmen called him. Both were by Tacoma Jack. But Al Brown was known as breeder of Tudor's Black Jack dogs and Black Jack blood was his main interest. Al Brown puchased famous Tudor's Black Jack Jr from Earl Tudor after 9-th win of Jack Jr. There are some talks that Black Jack Jr had at least one or two more wins in Brown hands, but under different name, cos noone wanted to challenge Jack Jr after such a great pit carrier. I believe these thoughts are true and I think Brown's using different name of Black Jack Jr was the main cause that most of his stuff was poisoned in 1939 or 40. Now, male pup that Charles Doyle got was named Tacoma Jack's Replica, female pup was named Tacoma Jack Susie. Replica became well known at the pit side, he was 4 times winner. 

Replica's dam was Brown's Judy, who was strong Tudor's blood. So, it was a 'key' for Ormsby's to reappear old X-Pert type.

Here is Brown's Judy (dam of Tacoma Jack's Replica) pedigree.

 Brown's Jack Dempsey  Tudor's Black Jack 16xW  Black Tige
 Blackwell's Mollie W
 Dunable's Fanny  Jack Sutton
 Dunable's Bridget
 Brown's Daisy  Evan's Bear Cat Jim  Johnson's Tim
 Peggy Mcadoo
 Tudor's Bess  Tudor's Black Jack Jr 9xW
 Tudor's Beans

Back to 1966...X-Pert Black Susie was high drive bitch, Clifford called Susie the best outcross bitch he ever owned. She was very very sound and could do many amazing physical things with her body. Here is her pedigree.

 George's Tacoma Mike  Ferris' Black Onyx  American Gang Buster
 Tacoma Geraldine
 Bud's Tacoma Sugarfoot  Tacoma Taboo
 Tacoma Suzette II
 Storklind's Kitty  American Gang Buster  Tacoma Riptide
 Tacoma Flashing Fawn
 Bud's Tacoma Sugarfoot  Tacoma Taboo
 Tacoma Suzette II

I think it will be interesting to look into Tacoma Taboo pedigree as well. Bud's Tacoma Sugarfoot was sired by Taboo. Taboo was fawn color and was more bully type. Here is his ped.

 CH Doyle's Tacoma Dispatcher II  CH Doyle's Tacoma Dispatcher  CH Young Joe Braddock
 CH Tacoma Jack's Susie
 Doyle's Honey  Corvino's Shorty
 Doyle's Kentucky Belle
 Doyle's Susie  Corvino's Shorty  Bruce's Jerry
 Fly Of Panama
 Doyle's Dixie  Silver's Grip
 Doyle's Cricket


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