Alberta Ormsby with CH X-Pert Brindle Biff

Alberta Ormsby with CH X-Pert Brindle Biff

Alberta said this about Biff: " He'd just lift his feet like a horse, you know? Like a show horse. And away we'd go. Come on Biff we're going now. He'd wake right out of a sound sleep and on the collar would go. I'd change his collar from a bench collar to a show collar and we'd hurry over to the win! I always thought I had the best dog in the ring. I went in with the intention of winning."

CH X-Pert Bold Skipper

INT CH X-Pert Blossom Queen

INT CH Topsy's Ghost

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Ch.X-Pert Brindle Biff was owned by Ormsby's. He was the first dog that Alberta handled at a dog show. He won many shows all over the country. Biff took the BOB at the National Speciality in Columbus, Ohio in 1949. X-Pert dogs took all placements there. Captain Will Judy wrote: "C. A. Ormsby....should be satisfied with these results for his X-Pert dogs took all 5 major placings - a record no other breeder has accomplished at a breed show in America, any breed." Biff had also Best Producer record as the sire of 14 AKC Champions: 

1 Int.Ch.Topsy's Ghost 8 Ch.X-Pert Gallant Lady
2 Int.Ch.X-Pert The Angel 9 Ch.X-Pert Black Betsy
3 Ch.X-Pert Greer's Princess 10 Ch.X-Pert Deep Onyx
4 Ch.X-Pert Gerente 11 Ch.X-Pert The Imp
5 Ch.Alcade De X-Pert 12 Ch.X-Pert Glamour Girl
6 Ch.X-Pert Betty's Boy 13 Ch.X-Pert Yankee Boy
7 Ch.X-Pert Erin Of Chesterbrook 14 Ch.X-Pert Nutch Of Jaynes Hill

Clifford and Alberta used Biff as stud more than any other male. Today, Biff is predominent male in X-Pert pedigrees, it's just great to see his influence in today's X-Pert litters. Here is a picture of Clifford with Biff.

CH X-Pert Brindle Biff

Colonel Schuhmann was really happy with such a nice litter, his Ch.X-Pert Gallant Betty became well known. In 1947 he bred Betty to another Ormsby's stud X-Pert Brindle Shiek. June 16, 1947 puppies were born, it was a litter of brindle puppies. Int.Ch.X-Pert Blossom Queen, Ch.X-Pert Bold Skipper, X-Pert Kentucky Kate were born there. Here is their pedigree.

 X-Pert Brindle Shiek   X-Pert Tiger Pat   X-Pert Tiger Pal
 Loupes Of Bonniebrook
 X-Pert Duchess  CH Mickey Do
 X-Pert Black Lady
 CH X-Pert Gallant Betty  Buddy Of Elliot  Harris' Prince Felton
 Harris' Princess Felton
 X-Pert Black Daisy  X-Pert Black Shine
 X-Pert Black Lady

INT CH X-Pert Blossom Queen was purchased by Dr.Roll, who later became more interested in X-Pert bloodline. He became close friend to Colonel Schuhmann, and was active in showing and training dogs. Roll also decided to purchase a pup directly from Clifford & Alberta Ormsby. That puppy was Int.Ch.Topsy's Ghost, from breeding of Ch.X-Pert Brindle Biff to X-Pert Kentucky Kate. Dr.Roll started his breeding program and bred them for soundness phisicaly and mentaly.

Here is Topsy's Ghost pedigree.

 CH X-Pert Brindle Biff  X-Pert Black Ace II  X-Pert Black Ace
 X-Pert Duchess
 CH X-Pert Gallant Betty  Buddy Of Elliot
 X-Pert Black Daisy
 X-Pert Kentucky Kate  X-Pert Brindle Shiek  X-Pert Tiger Pat
 X-Pert Duchess
 CH X-Pert Gallant Betty  Buddy Of Elliot
 X-Pert Black Daisy

Clifford Ormsby: "Alberta was teaching Dr.Roll how to show.......and Colonel Schuhmann was watching the whole thing and he said," I'll tell you something Doc,"he says, "You got to get the X-Pert on 'em before you are going to win.""

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