X-Pert Beers' Tony's Popeye

CH X-Pert Beers' Rufhaus Tanya

CH Tryarr Diamondback Redbolt

CH X-Pert Abbey's Hello Dolly

CH Hogtown's Black Zarras TT

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Nancy Beers bred her Ch.X-Pert Aries Thunder to Ormsby's stud, Westminster winner Ch.X-Pert Sligo's Tony in 1984. X-Pert Beers' Tony's Popeye, X-Pert Midnight Onyx, Ch.X-Pert Peter J The Gambler, X-Pert Tony's Tiger are from this breeding. Here is their pedigree.

 CH X-Pert Sligo's Tony  CH Sligo McCarthy  X-Pert Brindle Tiger
 X-Pert Brindle Nellie
 CH X-Pert Lady Charo  CH Nugents Spanky Of OurGang
 X-Pert Black Nellie
 CH X-Pert Beers' Aries Thunder  CH X-Pert Tiger's Bullion  X-Pert Brindle Tiger
 X-Pert June Apple
 CH X-Pert Beers' Sadie A Lady  CH Fraja Don Quixote
 CH X-Pert Bruyette Beauty

In 1985 Nancy Beers bred X-Pert Indian Raid's Aubra to X-Pert Beers' Pisces Powerpac. This pair gave magnificient male Ch.X-Pert Beers' Powerpac's Image.

CH X-Pert Beers' Powerpacs Image

He was multi winning dog of X-Pert Beers' kennels. Nancy used Ch.X-Pert Beers' Rufhaus Tanya in her breeding program. There was an outcross, her sire was Ch.Sindelar's Sonny Boy Of Tara. You know, this is a cross of Ruffian Har-Wyn x Roll's. Sonny Boy was sired by famous weightpuller CH Tryarr Diamondback Redbolt. Nancy bred Tanya to Image several times and this pair produced many beautiful puppies.

 CH X-Pert Beers' Powerpacs Image  X-Pert Beers' Pisces Powerpac  CH X-Pert Tiger's Bullion
 CH X-Pert Beers' Sadie A Lady
 X-Pert Indian Raid's Aubra  CH Sligo McCarthy
 Indian Raid's Oliveoil
 CH X-Pert Beers Rufhaus Tanya  CH Sindelar's Sonny Boy Of Tara  CH Tryarr Diamondback Redbolt
 CH Sindelar's Heide Ho
 CH X-Pert Hurricane Hanna  CH Fraja Don Quixote
 CH X-Pert Bruyette Beauty

In 1986 Don Hauck, owner of famous Ch.X-Pert Sligo's King Kong and Ch.X-Pert Sligo's Abey, had interesting breeding. Ch.X-Pert Sligo's Abey was bred to Ch.Ryan's DJ. DJ was Jimmy Ryan breeding, his bloods were 1/2 X-Pert, 1/2 Sertoma. So, Don Hauck recieved Ch.X-Pert Abbey's Hello Dolly, Ch.X-Pert Abbey's Red Lady. Here is their pedigree.

 CH Ryan's DJ  Sertoma's Blazing Diamond  Sertoma's Sun Devil
 Sertoma's Mary Frances
 Rush Little Afton  CH Fraja Don Quixote
 X-Pert Heather Honey
 CH X-Pert Sligo's Abey  CH Sligo McCarthy  X-Pert Brindle Tiger
 X-Pert Brindle Nellie
 CH X-Pert Show Stopper  CH Fraja Don Quixote
 CH X-Pert Bruyette Beauty

Catherine Woodliffe's Essex X-Pert Kennel's foundation bitch was Ch.Hogtown's Black Zarras TT "Nikko", whelped September 15, 1986. 

CH Hogtown's Black Zarras TT

Nikko was from II-II breeding on X-Pert Foxy Bob. Black Nellie & Boots are very influential for Nikko's pedigree. Nikko looked more like her dam, Foxy Charisma. And it's important to say that Nikko's parents lived long lives, 16 years! Ch.Hogtown's Black Zarras TT "Nikko" was very important for Essex X-Pert kennels breeding program & is very influential for Lamasko X-Pert breeding program. Here is her pedigree. 

 CH Rockyshire Of Alem  X-Pert Foxy Bob  X-Pert Benign Benie
 X-Pert Black Nellie
 Pride Of L'Amable  CH Sir BlueBullet Of Willynwood
 CH X-Pert Miss Abby
 CH Foxy Charisma Of Alem  X-Pert Foxy Bob  X-Pert Benign Benie
 X-Pert Black Nellie
 CH X-Pert Miss Abby  X-Pert Brown's Northern Yuma
 X-Pert Satin Boots


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