Clifford Ormsby with pups by Boomer out of Betsy

CH Gallant's Ruff

CH The Ruffian

Lloyd's Dappy Girl

Clifford Ormsby with X-Pert Champer Boy II

CH X-Pert Gallant Lady

X-Pert Rowdy Rascal

CH Humes Texas Jack

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In 1954 Clifford bred Ch.X-Pert Black Betsy to X-Pert Brindle Boomer. They produced very nice litter of black & brindle puppies. X-Pert Sally was born there. Ed Ringold bought X-Pert Sally and later cross her into his Gallant line. Gallan't Tinker Bell was from this cross. So, here is Gallan't Tinker Bell pedigree.

 CH Gallant's Ruff  CH Ruffian Walkaway  CH Martin's Tony
 CH Ruffian Our Teenie
 Puddin Pie Pepperduster  CH Ruffian Headlight Hal
 CH Ruffian Dreadnaught
 X-Pert Sally  X-Pert Brindle Boomer  CH X-Pert Buddy Of Louisville
 X-Pert Susie Q
 CH X-Pert Black Betsy  CH X-Pert Brindle Biff
 CH X-Pert Topsy II

Here is pedigree of CH Ruffian Don's Rebel Of Har-Wyn, who won National Specialty in 1969. X-Pert Sally, as well as X-Pert Chismera are there. CH Ruffian Don's Rebel Of Har-Wyn was owned by Dr.Thomas Mount, friend of Ed Ringold. Michele Leathers handled Rebel his entire show career. Rebel is important for Gallant bloodlines.

 Gallant's Don Juan  CH Gallant's Kimbo  CH Knight Crusader
 CH Gallant's Stormy
 Gallant's Tinker Bell  CH Gallant's Ruff
 X-Pert Sally
 CH Ruffian Miss Muggins Of Har-Wyn  CH Ruffian HighAce Of HarWyn  Ruffian Chango Of Har-Wyn
 Ruffian Kora Of Har-Wyn
 Belle Of Louisville  CH Jollyscamp Blueguard
 X-Pert Chismera

CH Ruffian Don's Rebel Of Har-Wyn in young age

Gallant line was built on Gallant Ruff, who was pure Ruffian dog, bred by William Whitaker. Whitaker was close to Clayton Harriman, founder of the Ruffian line. This line was built on dogs of mostly Tudor's Henry bloods. Here is CH The Ruffian pedigree. Interesting thing that Garm D dog and Bennet's Black Mary were from Tudor's King x Rumpus Beauty breeding. Dam of the X-Pert foundation dog X-Pert Torpedo, VanVliet's Great Labelle was from Tudor's King x Hart's Rumpus Bonnie. Now, Rumpus Beauty and Hart's Rumpus Bonnie were littersisters! So, it's one more fact to understand how closely related X-Pert and Ruffian lines are.

 Klump's Deuce  Corrington's Spike  Corrington's Badger
 Rennick Patsy Lee
 Corrington's Dixie Lee  Garm II
 Corrington's Nifty
 Klump's Dina  Garm D  Tudor's King
 Hart's Rumpus Beauty
 Dinah Lee  Paxton's Black Phantom
 Bennett's Black Mary

Ruffian bloodline was started from Ch.The Ruffian and Fred Schroeder bred bitch named Schroeder's Muggins, also known as Calamity Anne. Schroeder line was mostly Colby with some Smith's. And Colby's in Schroeder's pedigree were mostly old Gas House strain.

So, Ormsby decided to cross X-Pert and Ruffian blood. Clifford used Lloyd's Dappy Girl, blue-brindle Ruffian bitch for that outcross. Color confirms her strong Tudor's Henry background. She was daughter of Ringold's Ch.Gallant's Ruff. She produced X-Pert Champer Boy II and Ch.X-Pert Gallant Lady. Here is their pedigree.

 CH X-Pert Brindle Biff  X-Pert Black Ace II  X-Pert Black Ace
 X-Pert Duchess
 CH X-Pert Gallant Betty  Buddy Of Elliot
 X-Pert Black Daisy
 Lloyd's Dappy Girl  CH Gallant's Ruff  CH Ruffian Walkaway
 Puddin Pie Pepperduster
 Ruffian Corvette Of Har-Wyn  Ruffian Diamond Jim Of HarWyn
 CH Ruffian Dreadnaught

There was very interesting breeding done by Fred Wild in 1957. He  bred his heavybred Pack-A-Wow bitch, Wild's Boots to Ch.X-Pert Brindle Biff. Wild's Boots was also known as Florida Fourposter. She was fawn-brindle bitch by Gazan and out of Dan's Rebel. Gazan was by Colby's Pat and out of Dan's Rebel. So, Wild's Boots was inbred II-I on Dan's Rebel. Rebel himself was inbred I-II on Ben's Dan. Ben's Dan was litterbrother to Black Satan (Ch.X-Pert Pack-A-Wow x Sandy's Topsy). I wrote about Black Satan bitch before, if you remember she was dam of Tudor's Nigger. So, here is Wild's Boots pedigree.

 Copp's Gazan  Colby's Pat  Colby's Trim
 Colby's Becky
 Dan's Rebel  Ben's Dan
 Bobby Sox
 Dan's Rebel  Ben's Dan  CH X-Pert Pack-A-Wow
 Sandy's Topsy
 Bobby Sox  Ben's Dan
 Ben's Sue

So, Fred Wild recieved very nice litter from breeding his Wild's Boots to Ch.X-Pert Brindle Biff. 2 pups from this litter went to friends of Wilfred Brandon and one female pup was sent to Cliff Ormsby as stud fee pup. Pete Sparks bought this pup from Cliff and named Sparks' Spotty. So, here is Spotty's pedigree.

 CH X-Pert Brindle Biff  X-Pert Black Ace II  X-Pert Black Ace
 X-Pert Duchess
 CH X-Pert Gallant Betty  Buddy Of Elliot
 X-Pert Black Daisy
 Wild's Boots  Copp's Gazan  Colby's Pat
 Dan's Rebel
 Dan's Rebel  Ben's Dan
 Bobby Sox

Ormsbys bred Ch.X-Pert Gallant Lady to X-Pert Red Rascal. X-Pert Red Midge and X-Pert Rowdy Rascal were born there. Later Rowdy was crossed by Peggy Harper into her Ruffian stock. Clifford used X-Pert Red Midge for his breeding program. Here is their pedigree.

 X-Pert Red Rascal  Jaque Duke  CH X-Pert Brindle Biff
 CH Jone's Gay One Roxie
 CH Jone's Gay One Roxie  The Tiger Of Cleveland
 CH Miss Mugwump
 CH X-Pert Gallant Lady  CH X-Pert Brindle Biff  X-Pert Black Ace II
 CH X-Pert Gallant Betty
 Lloyd's Dappy Girl  CH Gallant's Ruff
 Ruffian Corvette Of Har-Wyn

Dr.Roll bred X-Pert Red Chaos (daughter of CH X-Pert Mike) to CH X-Pert Gerente to produce CH X-Pert Chico Matador, who took Best Of Winners at 1960 National Specialty.

 CH X-Pert Gerente  CH X-Pert Brindle Biff  X-Pert Black Ace II
 CH X-Pert Gallant Betty
 INT CH X-Pert Blossom Queen  X-Pert Brindle Shiek
 CH X-Pert Gallant Betty
 X-Pert Red Chaos  CH Moon Bow  CH X-Pert Betty's Boy
 X-Pert Gypsy Rose
 CH X-Pert Mike  CH X-Pert Gerente
 Maurine's Tippy

There were some breedings of CH Roll's Comanchera to INT CH Roll's One Eyed Jack done by Dr.Roll in 1966-1970 years. In 1966 this pair gave CH Humes Texas Jack, that took Best Of Winners at National Specialty in 1969 and became foundation dog of Mari-Don kennels. In 1967 they gave CH Heritage Roll's Summer Ipo and in 1970 - Mister Buster.

Here is their pedigree.

 INT CH Roll's One Eyed Jack  El Bandido Gringo  CH Moon Bow
 CH X-Pert Mike
 Belle Holiday  CH X-Pert Gerente
 Chamaca De X-Pert
 CH Roll's Comanchera  Roll's Habanero  El Bandido Gringo
 Belle Holiday
 Mancha De X-Pert  CH X-Pert Pedro Escopeta
 VanStaff's Black Specter


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