Willynwood Roxy Marie

TCH Bogancs Szedo Emir FT-BL TR

 X-Pert Beers' Mickey Finn

CH X-Pert Beers' Poquito Diablo

CH One Stone Berek SchH III FH AD CDX

INT CH Tiffy Sh' Tais

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In 1993 Nancy & Edward Beers decided to breed their Ch.X-Pert Beers' Powerpac's Image to a bitch owned by Gary Donovan and Debra Champion, Willynwood Roxie Marie. Peggy Doster purchased red-brindle female puppy from this litter, her name is Am/Can Ch.Country Haven Redsky At Dawn OFA. Here is her pedigree.

 CH X-Pert Beers' Powerpacs Image  X-Pert Beers' Pisces Powerpac  CH X-Pert Tiger's Bullion
 CH X-Pert Beers' Sadie A Lady
 X-Pert Indian Raid's Aubra  CH Sligo McCarthy
 Indian Raid's Oliveoil
 Willynwood Roxy Marie  Willynwood Sluggo  CH R&D's Bosco Bear
 Willynwood Dolly
 Willynwood Sabine Sabrina  CH Tara's Doc Holiday
 Willynwood Kate

CH Country Haven Redsky At Dawn CD CGC TDI

In 1994 Boros Zoltan had a litter by Essex X-pert Tango out of Baby Dolly. Baby Dolly was by doublebred White Devil's Killer SchH II grandson and out of Essex X-Pert Brindle Bella. Natalia Kolodi purchased black-brindle male puppy from this litter, his name is TCh.Bogancs Szedo Emir FT-BL TR. I bred him to some of my bitches and like results. Emir won Big Ring sport competition 2 times in individual exam and 3 times in group exam, it's a record. He is one of the best working staffordshires in Russia. Here is his pedigree.

 Essex X-Pert Tango  CH Essex Black Szabo SchH I  CH X-Pert Sligo's Tony
 CH Hogtown's Black Zarras TT
 CH X-Pert At Essex  CH X-Pert Sligo's Tony
 CH X-Pert Lady Red Velvet
 Baby Dolly  Hagele's Mac Arthur  CH Bomber Kamikaze
 INT CH Hagele's Angelface
 Essex X-Pert Brindle Bella  CH Essex Black Szabo SchH I
 CH X-Pert Lady Red Velvet

There was a litter in 1994 from Ch.Barway Boss' Chief Big Bow x Ch.Pecan's Mystic Silver Shot breeding. Silver Shot was by beautiful X-Pert dog Ch.Ridgeland's Magnum, who was owned by Larry and Sue Govedich and Pecan kennels foundation bitch Ch.Cerberus Pecan Poko. Silver Shot was tightbred on Ch.Sligo McCarthy. So, Ch.Barway's Mystic Captain Hook was born there.

Nancy Beers had a litter by X-Pert Beers' Popeye's Bandit out of X-Pert Beers' Gypsy Girl in 1995. X-Pert Beers' Mickey Finn, X-Pert Beers' Bandit's Gringo & Ch.X-Pert Beers' Poquito Diablo were born there. Mickey and Gringo are owned by Nancy Beers. Poquito Diablo "Rocky" is owned by Richard Hughes. Later Nancy Beers repeated this combination of Bandit x Gypsy. Ch.X-Pert Beers' Heartbreak Kid was born there. His owner is Walter Kuberski.  Here is pedigree of these 2 Bandit x Gypsy litters.

 X-Pert Beers' Popeye's Bandit  X-Pert Beers' Tony's Popeye  CH X-Pert Sligo's Tony
 CH X-Pert Beers' Aries Thunder
 X-Pert Beers' Annie Oakley  CH X-Pert Beers Powerpac Image
 CH X-Pert Beers Rufhaus Tanya
 X-Pert Beers' Gypsy Girl  X-Pert Beers' Thunder  CH X-Pert Beers Powerpac Image
 CH X-Pert Beers Rufhaus Tanya
 X-Pert Lightning  CH X-Pert Maskul Winter
 CH X-Pert Abbey's Hello Dolly

CH Toir's Tiffany

In 1995 Irina and Anatoli Dotsnik bred their Ch.Toir's Tiffany to Ch Essex X-Pert Big Buster. Int.Ch.Tiffy Sh' Tais and Ch.Tiffy Sh' Ester were born there. It seems like Tais is most titled X-Pert bitch of today, she is International Champion, Multi Champion, Champion Of National AST Club Of Russia, Champion of Russia, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus, Eurasia 1998, 99, 10xCACIB, 22xCAC . Here is the pedigree.

 CH Essex X-Pert Big Buster  CH X-Pert Sligo's Tony  CH Sligo McCarthy
 CH X-Pert Lady Charo
 CH X-Pert Lady Red Velvet  High Power Pack Of Pinehaven
 Pinehaven's Right Impression
 CH Toir's Tiffany  CH One Stone Berek SchH III FH AD CDX  CH Indian Raid's Haruchai
 Justin Woodhaven Wonder
 Beers' Rufhaus Fallen Angel  CH X-Pert Tiger's Bullion
 CH X-Pert Beers' Sadie A Lady

CH Tiffy Sh' Ester


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