Clifford with X-Pert Little Princess and her pups

X-Pert Black Shine

X-Pert Black Lady

Colby's Pincher 24xW

J.P.Colby with Colby's Goldie

Charlie Lloyd with Lloyd's Paddy

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In 1934 X-Pert Black Queen was bred to X-Pert Bassett's Nigger to produce a very nice litter. Clifford noted it the best to date. X-Pert Little Princess & Black Prince are most known pups of this litter. 

 X-Pert Bassett's Nigger  Bassett's Black Clinker  Heise's Midnight Jr
 Heise's Nigger II
 Dutcher's Black Bess  Bassett's Black Satin
 Bassett's Black Bridget
 X-Pert Black Queen  X-Pert Torpedo  VanVliet's Black Greandier
 VanVliet's Great Labelle
 Ormsby's Madge  Bennett's Mack
 Bennett's Queen

X-Pert Little Princess was flashy brindle bitch. In 1935 she was bred to X-Pert Black Jack, a Black Queen littermate. Princess produced X-Pert Black Shine, who was one of the first AKC registered pitbulls in 1936. Black Shine was shown at Angelica NY Dog Show in 1938 and took Best Of Breed. Black Shine was very Henry dog in type, was smarty and drive. Here is his pedigree.

 X-Pert Black Jack   X-Pert Torpedo  VanVliet's Black Greandier
 VanVliet's Great Labelle
 Ormsby's Madge  Bennett's Mack
 Bennett's Queen
 X-Pert Little Princess  X-Pert Bassett's Nigger  Bassett's Black Clinker
 Dutcher's Black Bess
 X-Pert Black Queen  X-Pert Torpedo
 Ormsby's Madge

Clifford Ormsby: " I wasn't limited by breeding too close when I bred, because what I was using was so much outcrossed. So, if you start in with stuff that is already close bred, that's when you're going to get in trouble."

Ormsby's had some dogs from Donovan's and Clark's - Smith's bloods in 1930's. One of them was X-Pert Tiger Pal, who was bred to Loupes Of Bonniebrook to produce famous X-Pert Tiger Pat. Tiger Pat was fawn-brindle dog, spirited and smart. His dam was a granddaughter of Clifton's Nell (littersister of Ormsby's Madge). Mr.Clifton  had some dogs from Bob Tonn's line. And Loupes of Bonniebrook was sired by one of these Tonn's bred dogs.

 X-Pert Tiger Pal   Tiger Pat  Donovan's Black Pat
 Donovan's Sadie
 Silver Vixen  Buddy Boy B
 Brook's Peggy
 Loupes Of Bonniebrook  Clifton's Lightning Daredevil  Tonn's Strangler Lewis
 Tonn's Lady Louder
 Bonzo Nesco Of Bonniebrook  Morris' Buckeye
 Clifton's Nell

Ormsby's used some different bloods to create their line as well. In 1935 Clifford decided to try J.P.Colby's bloods for the X-Pert bloodline, he bred Ormsby's Madge to pure Colby dog, Winde's Pat Colby. His Colby's bloods were mostly Pincher, Galtie and old Gas House bloods. Galtie dog was product of two Irish imports breeding, and both of these imported dogs were from Hutton bloodline. Breeding of Madge to Pat Colby gave 2 black bitches, they are known as X-Pert Black Lady and X-Pert Black Dollie. Here is their ped.

 Winde's Pat Colby   Moore's Major Colby  Colby's Tony
 Colby's Jessie
 Moore's Peggy  Colby's Bill Spring
 Whalen's Wiggles
 Ormsby's Madge  Bennett's Mack  Corrington's Tiger Jim Jr
 Corrington's Mae Rose
 Bennett's Queen  Hogan's Nigger
 Sharon's Madge

Here is Colby's Pincher 24xW pedigree, that went back to Lloyd's Pilot. 

 White's Teddy 2xW   Mitchell's Paddy  Lloyd's Pilot
 Lloyd's Pansy
 Sullivan's Beck  Sullivan's Jack
 Sullivan's Nell
 Colby's Pansy 3xW  Racine's Sam 2xW  Gallaway's Jack
 Racine's Daisy
 White's Nell  Lloyd's Jack
 Old English Rose

Colby's Jessie, paternal granddam of Winde's Pat Colby was inbred on Galtie. Here is her ped.

 Colby's Galtie   Edward's Galtie  Hutton's Billy
 Hutton's Kit
 Edward's Gass  Hutton's Prince
 Hutton's Speck
 Colby's Gyp  Colby's Galtie  Edward's Galtie
 Edward's Gass
 Colby's Peggy  Colby's Pincher 24xW
 Colby's Nell

Here is Colby's Goldie pedigree, who was from old Gas House strain. Gas House strain was well known since 1870's.

 Colby's Jack   Duffy's Jack 6xW  McCarthy's Blind Pete
 Duffy's Nell
 Duffy's Hannah  Duffy's Jack 6xW
 Kennedy's Blaze
 Colby's Neitz  Colby's Tige 2xW  Colby's Paddy 3xW
 Colby's Jennie 1xW
 Colby's Red Nell  Galvin's Bucky
 McCart's Brat

And to show you example of Gas House pedigrees, I placed McCart's Rose pedigree. McCart's Rose is dam of McCart's Brat, who is in previous pedigree in the bottom. Well known The Gas House Dog 9xW (whelped in 1870), as well as his half-sister Burke's Sally 2xW and Charlie Lloyd's imported Paddy are there.

 Boak's Randal   Lloyd's Paddy  bred in England
 bred in England
 Burke's Sally 2xW  Middleton Dog
 Mendenhal Bitch
 Clinch's Mollie  The Gas House Dog 9xW  Middleton Dog
 The Gas House Bitch
 Burke's Sally 2xW  Middleton Dog
 Mendenhal Bitch

The Gas House Dog 9xW

Ok, back to X-Pert Black Lady. She was sent to Wilfred Brandon to be shown at dog shows. Unfortunately I have no records how successful she was there.


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