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X-Pert Satin Boots

Joe Corvino

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Corvino's Shorty

Earl Tudor with Joe Corvino

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Clifford Ormsby bred X-Pert Black Susie to bully type dog X-Pert Blue Boy. Black and blue-brindle puppies were whelped, X-Pert Satin Boots and X-Pert Brindle Rocky. Cliff got what he planned, old Tudor's bloods clicked well to reapper old X-Pert type.

X-Pert Satin Boots was very in old X-Pert type. She was very smarty and drive. Here is the pedigree.

 X-Pert Blue Boy  X-Pert Champer Boy II  CH X-Pert Brindle Biff
 Lloyd's Dappy Girl
 X-Pert Red Midge  X-Pert Red Rascal
 CH X-Pert Gallant Lady
 X-Pert Black Susie  George's Tacoma Mike  Ferris' Black Onyx
 Bud's Tacoma Sugarfoot
 Storklind's Kitty  American Gang Buster
 Bud's Tacoma Sugarfoot

X-Pert Brindle Rocky

In the mid 1960 Dr.Roll got pure Corvino bitch from Pete Sparks, she was named Corvino's Sparkett. She was brindle bitch with white on the chest, she was sired by brindle&white Corvino's C-Line and out of white bitch Corvino's Smarty. 

Joe Corvino was one of the most famous dogmen in the breed history. Joe began his breeding program in the late 1920's, he started from dogs of Feeley, Tudor's, Shipley's lines and from Armitage x Tonn's cross. He bred numerous outstanding specimens, his gamedogs played very important role in the history. Such famous names as Corvino's Shorty, Corvino's Braddock, Corvino's Thunder, Corvino's Gimp, etc are well known to any dogman. 

By the way, Joe bred National Specilaty Winner of 1939, Westminster Winner of 1940 CH Sox Of Chicago (Corvino's Dick x Corvino's Darky), that was whelped on March 1, 1938. 

Joe's 14 times winner Corvino's Braddock sired CH Young Joe Braddock, who was used by Charles Doyle in his Tacoma line. Here is pedigree of Kitty Corvino, dam of Young Joe Braddock, Corvino's Iron Will and Corvino's Victory Bob.

 Saliba's Micky  Cornwell's Steve  Tudor's Fighting Peter 3xW
 Tudor's Maggie
 Johnson's City Sally  Tudor's Jack II
 Stefan's Bessie
 Saliba's Peggy  Saliba's Battler  Irvin's Memphis
 Mite's Black Queen
 Lottie B  Corrington's Badger
 Corrington's Tessie

Corvino's Braddock 14xW

Back to 60's... Roll bred Sparkett to black&white CH Kerry Major Thor and got Corvino's Sparkler and CH Charro Charlie. Both were used in the Roll's X-Pert breeding program. Here is their pedigree.

 CH Kerry Major Thor  May's X-Pert Peter Pan  El Bandido Gringo
 May's X-Pert Tinker Bell
 Hundley All-Guy-Pat  Roll's Habanero
 Tequilla Too
 Corvino's Sparkett  Corvino's C-Line  Corvino's Admiral
 Corvino's Flashy Bettie
 Corvino's Smarty  Corvino's Bomber
 Corvino's Fate

I think it will be good to see Corvino's Smarty, dam of Sparkett, 3 gens ped here.

 Corvino's Bomber  Corvino's Black Prince  Corvino's Blackie
 Corvino's Bonnie Girl
 Corvino's Beauty  Corvino's Braddock 14xW
 Corvino's Black Peggy
 Corvino's Fate  Corvino's Iron Will  Corvino's Braddock 14xW
 Kitty Corvino
 Corvino's Sparetime  Tudor's Joe
 Corvino's Judy

In November 1968 Roll's Susie Wong was bred to CH Charro Charlie to produce CH Neeley's Sir Tuffton, who won 1972 National Specialty. Here is his ped.

 CH Charro Charlie  CH Kerry Major Thor  May's X-Pert Peter Pan
 Hundley All-Guy-Pat
 Corvino's Sparkett  Corvino's C-Line
 Corvino's Smarty
 Roll's Susie Wong  CH Roll's One Eyed Jack CD  El Bandido Gringo
 Belle Holiday
 Pandora's Mischief  CH X-Pert Chico Matador
 Roll's Fantasia


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