Clifford Ormsby: " When a breeder does establish a good line, he will do well to keep his quality and not slip backwards. It is not easy as his best dogs get old and perhaps an outcross becomes necessary. Knowledge, advice, and criticism are always free as water but, as we see breeder after breeder fall by the wayside, one realizes determination and work are most important."


Clifford Ormsby: "It's important to keep the breed strong, and sound and healthy."


Alberta Ormsby: "They're terriers. ..Character is that they act like terrier, act like a Staff."


Clifford Ormsby: " So, if you start in with stuff that is already close bred, that's when you're going to get in trouble.."


Clifford Ormsby: "You 've got to have an outcross now and then, too....Sometimes you think you're outcrossing and you're not outcrossing as much as you think."


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I hope these pages of the X-Pert Bloodline history were interesting for you. 

Svetlana Korina     

Clifford passed away in 1996. He devoted all his life to this wonderful breed. Here are his words: " Well, I was always interested in animals and dogs from the time I was a little kid....I remember my first experience. I was going to spend my summer vacation with my aunt and uncle over on the Vandermark and they said, "Don't touch Buster, he bites." Well, hell, I had Buster under my thumb in nothing flat Nothing to it. They thought that I was remarkable, because others hadn't manipulated him the way I had, you know."  

March 3, 2001 we recieved very sad news from Dorothy Ormsby....Her mom, Alberta J. Ormsby passed away. Bert had heart attack... She was Grand lady. Like Peggy said in Memoriam, Bert was the Judge to the end.


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